Counselor in Training Program

Adventures Counselor in Training (CIT) program is aimed at giving children ages 12-15 who are interested in pursuing a career in childcare relative work experience in the field. Our program focuses on developing interpersonal skills, responsibility, and leadership all while participating in our unique, community centered summer camp program. CITs are responsible for engaging children in games and crafts, assisting staff in daily responsibilities, and setting a positive example while leading children in small group activities.

Children, aged 12-15, interested in the program must submit the application below, in order to be considered for the CIT Program. All applicants are subject to site director approval as there are limited spaces available at each summer camp location. Tuition to the program is $150 per week with a giveback of $35 per week of service. The program runs for 10 weeks over summer and CITs may attend as few or as many weeks as they wish. Children selected to participate in the CIT program will also be required to attend a Summer Camp Training session on June 22 at 5:30pm at a location to be announced. Applications will be reviewed with a week turnaround. If approved, parents will have to then register them using the summer registration form on our website.

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4. Questionnaire

Sometimes during summer camp, it is up to you to figure out how you can best help out the TSL staff and younger campers. Please read the following questions carefully and answer them the best that you can based on your own experiences.

Now we would like to learn a little bit about you. Please read the following questions carefully and answer them the best you can. Keep in mind that all answers should relate to what you can bring to our summer camp.

TSL Adventures employs cooperative learning and social intervention strategies as its primary tool in teaching young children. We employ those who will support our non-behaviorist approaches, as well as our vision of a non-competitive and unified age-integrated program.